Primary Care

Health is the greatest asset for all individuals. Primary Care is essential for each of us. Having a regular primary care doctor is an important part of maintaining good health. While Primary care includes all our general medical needs, there are specific tests and needs that are required from time to time, depending on our situation or circumstance. Let’s take a look at some of the aspects within Primary Care that require our attention.

Annual Preventative Physical Exam

This is a basic preventative examination of your wellness. It should be done on an annual basis to be aware of your physical wellness and also prevent and detect any future ailments at the earliest time. An annual physical wellness exam ensures you are in complete knowledge of your body and bodily functions.

Sports Physicals

If you are a sports enthusiast or an athlete, you need to be in the best of physical condition to maintain your energy levels and ensure that your body is capable of taking all the exertions. Many times, when participating in a sporting event it is necessary to clear a sports physicals exam by a medical expert who deems you fit to play.

Updating Vaccines and Immunization

To prevent many contagious diseases and illnesses it is vital to have regular immunizations. Most of these vaccines require a timely update to ensure their effectiveness. It is essential to maintain a record of these immunizations and set a routine schedule for them with a general primary care clinic.

Office Visits for Chronic Diseases

Chronic Illnesses are on a constant rise! Common diseases such as high blood pressure or hypertension, high blood sugar or diabetes, and high cholesterol or hyperlipidemia may go undetected for years because many people don’t feel any different when they have these conditions. Other common conditions such as environmental and seasonal allergies and asthma are treatable conditions and it is important to get tested and create awareness in society. Busy professional schedules result in negligence to health in our modern society. A regular medical office visit helps to create awareness can decrease the spread of chronic diseases.

Medical Weight Loss Management

Unhealthy eating or dietary habits and a sedentary lifestyle can result in excessive weight gain. There are some other medical conditions that lead to it too. Weight loss management under the guidance of a physician is essential to helping people lose weight and get healthy.

Nutrition Counselling

As the old adage goes “you are what you eat.” With all the fad diets out there it is important to get advice from a medical professional as to the most nutritious method to maintaining a healthy diet. The food we consume contributes to our physical and mental wellness. Having a balanced diet is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition counseling helps maintain a balanced diet that ensures that the body receives all the vital nutrients in the correct proportion needed by our body.

Pre employment physicals

When seeking a new job, many companies require employees to provide a medical fitness certificate that deems the person that physically and mentally fit for the job. This certification needs to be done by a certified medical expert.


Our Medical Clinic offers services for all primary care aspects. We understand the need to live a healthy life. Our team of expert doctors and staff ensure a healthy and happy life for you.