Other Services

Medical advancements and technologies are happening every day! We keep our staff and clinic updated with the latest available resources and methodologies to help people live a quality life. Our various services include-

Immigration Physical Exam & Vaccinations (Form 1- 693)

Traveling to another country or shifting to another country requires the completion of many documents and paperwork. One of these important documentations include a physical exam by a medical expert and in some cases specific vaccinations. For students traveling to other countries to pursue academic courses, these tests and vaccinations are mandatory. These are not just an obligation but also necessary to protect your health and safety. Our medical clinic is aware of the specific requirements for different countries and can assist you in completion of your paperwork. Our clinic and doctors are certified to carry out these tests and vaccinations.

Screening for mental health disorders

In some legal and medical cases, it is mandatory to produce a mental health fitness certificate. Also, some patients suffer from mental health disorders that effect their daily life. Diagnosis of these disorders must be done as soon as possible so as to avoid delays and further degeneration. Our expert team of doctors and staff have the latest and best technologies, methods and equipment to accurately diagnose and treat mental health disorders.

Medical Weight Loss Management

Bad eating habits and lifestyle sometimes result in excessive weight gain. There are some other medical conditions that lead to it too. In such a case only physical workout or diet control may not be effective and the need for medical weight loss management is mandatory. With better health facilities and advancement in the medical field it is now possible to complete transform one’s body in a safe and effective manner. This procedure is completely safe and carried out by experts.

Nutrition Counseling

The food we consume contributes to our physical wellness. That said, it is a balanced diet and not just food that leads to good health. Nutrition Counselling helps maintain a balanced diet that ensures that the body receives all the vital nutrients in the correct proportion needed by our body. This may be required by people of all age groups, depending on individual health. It is important to consume the right food, in the right quantity and with the help of our experts you can live a healthy life.