Lab Testing

Medical advancements combined with new technologies has made medical care more efficient and effective today. Unlike a few years back, today medical experts have the capability to diagnose infections and diseases much faster and in much simpler ways. Lab testing helps patients and doctors to diagnose health status with blood, urine, saliva and other samples with clinical lab tests. Lab Testing is advanced, effective and saves time, curbing delays in treatment. Our medical clinic is equipped with the latest lab testing equipment, helping patients and doctors with accurate results. Our expertise is extended to-

Urine Pregnancy Test

When a woman is pregnant the HCG, a hormone, level changes. A urine sample can effectively determine whether a woman is pregnant or not. While there are kits available in the market to do the test on their own, at a lab the results are 100% accurate leaving no space for doubts. So if a woman is in doubt of being pregnant a simple urine pregnancy test can help clear this doubt and affirm the results.

Urinary Dip Stick

The urine can determine the overall physical health of a person. It’s surprising to even imagine the number of physical factors a simple urine sample can produce. To test various factors a urinary dip stick test is highly effective. It’s a diagnostic tool that effectively determines pathological changes in the body. It’s a stick with different chemical pads that react to a patient’s urine when immersed. These different chemical pads determine different health factors.

Rapid Strep Throat Swab

A prolonged throat infection can be alarming! There could be several reasons for the infection that need to be treated accordingly. A Rapid Strep Throat Swab test is basically when the throat and tonsils are swabbed to collect bacteria from the infected area. These bacteria are then further analyzed to get to the root of the problem.

Influenza A and B Nasal Swab

Many people mistake the symptoms of Influenza for a common fever. In case of influenza, immediate medical care is required to ensure prevention. Influenza A and B can seriously harm a patient if left ignored.

Blood Glucose Finger Stick

Glucose levels need to be constantly monitored to take necessary care and actions. A Blood Glucose Finger Stick test is done with a small prick on the figure to collect blood samples and further study it to record accurate sugar levels. Since the level varies at different times of the day, an expert will be able to guide you when and how the test may be conducted.

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