What To Bring

  • bring government-issued photo identification
  • bring vaccination records
  • bring any lab results you have; however, we may need to repeat lab tests for immigration purposes
  • bring any medicine that you are taking (paper prescriptions, and LABELED pill bottles; unlabeled pills will be ignored)
  • this includes medicine not prescribed by a doctor
  • this includes medicine not taken by mouth (inhalers, creams, injections, etc.)
  • other medical records are not required, but will help
  • any documents without English will need an official translation from a licensed translator
  • this includes Chinese. Dr.Tam reads Chinese but for official records we still need the translation.
  • bring payment (cash or credit card only)
  • note that our price does not include vaccinations
  • payment for tests (blood, X-ray, etc.) is made to the lab or X-ray clinic, not to us.

What Will Happen

  • be prepared for 90-minute visit, although usually it does not take that long
  • a male or female genital exam usually needs to be done; for female patient examinations by a male doctor, a female nurse will be present
  • usually you need to come more than once, e.g. if a TB skin test is needed, or we need to do lab tests
  • most people need TB skin test – you need to come back in 48-72h (2-3 days) after you have the skin test injection. Choose your appointment dates so that they are 2-3 days apart.
  • everyone will need at least the RPR lab test for syphilis; previous results cannot be used for immigration purposes
  • typical vaccination requirements for adults include TdaP and influenza (“flu”) vaccine, and possibly hepatitis A & B, meningococcal, etc. Other required vaccines, which are usually already given in childhood, include: MMR, varicella, etc.
  • note that what matters is not whether you have actually had the vaccines, but whether you have records to prove this. If records are not available, we may be able to do blood tests to check for some of the vaccinations, but other vaccines may need to be re-administered (medically this is usually not a problem to repeat vaccines).
  • we cannot guarantee that you will fulfill requirements for immigration. However, if you do have a health problem preventing you from doing this, we may be able to arrange treatment to help you eventually fulfill the requirements.

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